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Submit an event to the calendar


  • Events will go live only after an editorial approval process. We ask that you submit to the online calendar at least 10 days prior to your event date.
  • To be considered for Santa Fean NOW's print calendar, events must come in 14 days prior to the relevant issue's publication date.
  • Please check the calendar first to make sure your event has not already been posted by another user.
  • Note that our calendar is focused on limited-time events (it is not tailored to promote ongoing classes, sales events, etc.).
  • Art gallery exhibitions: please submit information for the reception or opening, then include the exhibition's start date (if separate from the reception date) and end date in the "Notes" box—we will create an ongoing posting for the full exhibition. We reserve the right to edit all submitted text for style, clarity, and length.
  • All submitted event information becomes public once published.

Questions? Please email us at Thanks!

  • Submitter Information
  • Please enter phone in (505) 123-4567 format.
  • ***Please note: Submitter contact information is not included in the calendar posting. Please include public contact information for your event in the Details section below.
  • Event Information
  • If your event occurs on multiple dates or over a span of time, please indicate that here.
  • Please include start and end times. If your event occurs at different times on different dates, please indicate that here.
  • Please enter phone in (505) 123-4567 format.
  • Images
    If you wish to include an image with your listing, please email a thumbnail of your image to You may also email a larger image of the thumbnail or an additional image. (This is the larger image that appears when one clicks on More Info.) Please send a hi-res image if you wish to submit the photo for print consideration.

    Images submitted for use must not include promotional text.

  • *required only if photo submitted